Being - Miriam Knibbeler

The first book publication about the work of Miriam Knibbeler, Being – beelden van Miriam Knibbeler, with a contribution of Han Steenbruggen, director of Museum Belvédère. The book comes in a standard and a special edition. Published by Philip Elchers.

Miriam Knibbeler has been known for her intriguing wax sculptures of animal and human figures. Her vulnerable, ethereal beings are familiar yet uncommon and seldom leave you untouched.

The museum world also discovered her original qualities. Museum MORE bought two of her works, including a four meter long baby rhino named Ortus.

This publication is a hybrid form of a documentary presentation in an artistbook appearance: specific in shape and layout (an open back, no traditional chronological order but a collection of aspects and images that generate a specific atmosphere around her work).

The special edition (sold out) exists of a custom made box, spray painted in two colors, in which a wax sculpture of either one baby or two entangled baby’s, wrapped in fabric, is found. These sculptures are specifically made for this publication byMiriam Knibbeler. At the bottom of the box, the book is hidden.

You can order a copy by sending an email to: